Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said Thursday in a series of tweets that President Trump was directly responsible for political violence in the U.S.

Weingarten said the president's rhetoric led to recent incidents of bombs being sent to Democratic officeholders, their supporters, and CNN's New York offices.

"We have a very real crisis.. political terrorism in our midst.. and Trump refuses to acknowledge that incendiary rheotoric has had a role in this... much less lead an anxious country. This is the crux of his failure as President. #bombthreat," Weingarten tweeted Thursday, misspelling the word "rhetoric" in the process.

Weingarten put out other comments on the same topic. "I don’t get the “false equivalency” . Bombs were sent to CNN & several prominent Democrats. It’s a moment to not just condemn the political terrorism, but to address the underlying rheotoric that enables this violence. Watching his rally, its clear Trump failed this test," she tweeted, again misspelling "rhetoric."

The union leader also retweeted another person's comment, "That someone would seek to kill their political enemies is not aberrational but rather the inevitable consequence of Trumps incitement," and then added, "I agree I agree I agree."

Weingarten is a long-time friend of Hillary Clinton who ensured that the AFT was the first major union to endorse Clinton during her 2016 presidential bid. During the election, Weingarten asserted that Trump was responsible for a rise in bullying incidents at schools and worked with the Democratic National Committee to spread that claim.