Acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Mick Mulvaney said Monday that he is still investigating the lead staffer of the bureau’s office tasked with fair lending policy over controversial blog posts the staffer published before joining the bureau and suggested that the agency's inspector general may be involved.

Calling the issue “an internal personnel matter,” Mulvaney told reporters at a mortgage banking industry conference in Washington that he believed he’d asked for an inspector general investigation.

“I think I’ve asked for an IG’s investigation into some of this stuff,” said Mulvaney.

The staffer, Eric Blankenstein, authored blog posts on race that included a debate over use of racial slurs, which he has since apologized for. Several congressional Democrats have called for his removal.

Mulvaney has tried to tamp down the controversy and Blankenstein has tried to distance himself from the blog posts, but some at the agency have objected to Blankenstein maintaining responsibility for fair lending enforcement.