The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Tuesday that there were over 7.1 million job openings in August, the most on record.

President Trump claimed credit for the record number of job vacancies.

“Incredible number just out, 7,036,000 job openings. Astonishing - it’s all working! Stock Market up big on tremendous potential of USA,” Trump tweeted.

The specific number was 7.136 million job openings, according to the BLS, not 7.036 as the president tweeted. Actual hiring remained mostly unchanged in August, at 5.8 million.

Gross job creation has been improving for a long time and has retained momentum under Trump. Total advertised job openings bottomed out in 2009, during the recession, at around 2.2 million, before slowly recovering and then hitting new record highs under President Obama and then Trump. The BLS has been keeping records since 2000.

The unemployment rate is also at a 50-year-low of 3.7 percent. According to projections by the Federal Reserve, it’s expected to go even lower by the end of the year.