Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida said Thursday that President Trump's recent attacks on the central bank will not affect its decision-making.

"It will in no way be a consideration as far as I am concerned," Clarida said during a public interview at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a Washington-based think tank.

"History indicates that central bank independence is important in order to achieve the objectives," for economic stability that the Fed and other central banks are tasked with, he said.

Trump has called the Fed “overly aggressive” in raising rates. He's criticized Chairman Jerome Powell and other Fed officials, his appointees, on the grounds that they have undercut his trade agenda by tightening monetary policy. Powell has said that the Fed won't be influenced by political considerations.

Past recent presidents have avoided discussing interest rate decisions in order to give Fed officials a wide berth to conduct monetary policy independently.

Clarida did hedge to say that the Fed could curb anticipated interest rate hikes depending on what economic data shows in the coming months.