Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traded rebukes with China’s top diplomat during their public remarks in Beijing on Monday, on the last stop of his diplomatic tour of the region.

Pompeo met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi following meetings in North Korea over the weekend, where he hoped to set the table for a second summit between dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump. If Pompeo hoped to enhance unity between the two sides regarding North Korea, his counterpart didn’t hesitate to air grievances regarding the broader U.S.-China relationship.

“US actions have damaged China’s rights and interests, undermined China-US mutual trust and cast a shadow over China-US relations,” Wang said, per a readout from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “We urge the US to immediately stop its misguided comments and actions.”

Wang cited the “escalating trade frictions” among an array of foreign policy disputes. “The US has also taken a series of actions regarding Taiwan and other matters and leveled groundless accusations against China’s domestic and foreign policy,” he said.

Vice President Mike Pence criticized China in a wide-ranging speech on Tuesday. He charged Beijing with pressuring Taiwan, abusing human rights within the country, and militarizing the South China Sea.

“The issues that you’ve characterized we have a fundamental disagreement,” Pompeo told Wang. “We have grave concerns about the actions that China has taken, and I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss each of those today because this is an incredibly important relationship.”

Pompeo’s meeting with Wang took place a week after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis canceled a trip to Beijing because he would not be provided a counterpart for meetings at his level. That snub is just one recent sign of tension: the United States imposed sanctions on China for the purchase of Russian weaponry, for instance. China also refused to grant permission for a U.S. amphibious assault ship to enter Hong Kong’s port. And, a Chinese warship recently sailed within 45 yards of an American destroyer in the South China Sea.

"I regret that the strategic dialogue between our two countries was something that you all chose not to undertake,” Pompeo said. “It would have been an important opportunity for us to have a discussion about these longer-term, important issues that present opportunities for the people of our two countries.”