A Marine Corps aircraft was responsible for a penis-shaped flight pattern over California on Tuesday, the service confirmed.

A graphic showing the looping phallic flight path of a Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101 plane near Palms Springs was first posted to Twitter along with two laughing emojis by a flight tracking account.

The aircraft is part of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing based out of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. The Marine Corps confirmed the aircraft was a T-34C Turbomentor, which is used for training pilots.

“We’ve launched an investigation” of the irregular and inappropriate flight pattern, said Maj. Josef Patterson, a spokesman for the wing, who confirmed the aircraft was part of the training squadron.

The incident comes after the Navy apologized then grounded and disciplined an aircrew for drawing a penis with a EA-18G Growler jet over Washington state last year.

The earlier penis drawing was also made public by photos posted on Twitter and Instagram.

Such incidents are frowned upon as embarrassing by the military brass, but the public response was more lighthearted after the Navy incident in November. It came during the run up to the holidays, and a website began selling a Christmas tree ornament depicting the penis cloud and a circling Growler.