Ronald Reagan: Los Angeles, 1984

Reagan was the first U.S. president to ever attend the Olympics. He went to the opening ceremony with first lady Nancy Reagan.

Bill Clinton: Atlanta, 1996

Clinton attended the opening ceremony in Atlanta and accompanied Olympic gold medalist boxer Muhammad Ali, who lit the cauldron.

George W. Bush: Beijing, 2008

Bush was the first U.S. president to travel abroad for the Olympics, though he denounced China's human rights violations during a dedication ceremony at the new U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

President Obama has not attended any of the Olympic Games during his presidency; Vice President Joe Biden led the U.S. delegation to the 2010 Vancouver Games and first lady Michelle Obama represented the U.S. in London in 2012. Neither the Obamas or the Bidens went to the 2014 Sochi Games amid icy relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Secretary of State John Kerry will lead the U.S. delegation in Rio.