American voters believe that Republican Donald Trump will do a better job turning the country around that Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, especially in the areas of immigration, national security and the economy.

According to data tweeted out Tuesday by Pew Research Service, voters considering six major issues believe Trump would be "a lot better" in handling them than a Clinton administration.

But in just the latest sign that the two candidates confuse voters, Pew also found that more also believe Trump would do a worse than Clinton.

The issues: Immigration, security from terrorism, economy, budget deficit, health care and foreign policy.

"In general, higher percentages say all six issues will get at least a little better in coming years under Trump than Clinton. However, on five of the six issues, comparable percentages feel that things would get worse under Trump as under Clinton," said Pew.

The graphic shown by Pew reveals that far more voters believe that a Clinton administration won't make a difference on the issues than a Trump administration.

"Even many Clinton supporters do not anticipate much change if Clinton were to become president. On immigration and security from terrorism, for example, about as many Clinton supporters expect things to get better if she becomes president (49% immigration, 46% terrorism) as say things would be little different (43% immigration, 45% terrorism)," said Pew.

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