Holly Petraeus will lead the efforts to establish an Office of Servicemember Affairs, according to assistant to the president Elizabeth Warren's White House blog.

The wife of Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, she will head up the office and develop programs that focus on strengthening consumer financial protection for service members and their families.

Holly Petraeus "is the kind of leader we need," Warren said in the blog post. "Military families have unique challenges, and now they have a unique advocate to ensure that their special concerns get the attention they deserve," she added in her blog.

The Office of Servicemember Affairs  will work with the DOD to help military families receive the information needed to make wise financial decisions and to monitor and respond to complaints and questions from military families. It will also  ensure that federal and state agencies coordinate their activities to improve consumer protection measures for military families, Warren added