A new petition is asking actor Mark Wahlberg and the filmmakers behind the upcoming "Deepwater Horizon" film to donate some of the film's box office proceeds to nonprofits dedicated to helping the Gulf of Mexico continue its cleanup efforts.

The film will star Wahlberg as engineer Mike Williams, who in 2010 escaped from the BP drilling rig Deepwater Horizon before it exploded, creating the worst oil spill in U.S history.

"Join us in telling the 'Deepwater Horizon' filmmakers: Please direct some of the film's proceeds to nonprofit groups in the Gulf working to help people and the environment recover from BP's damage," reads the Care2 petition, which is just a little over 100 people away from its goal of 9,000 signatures.

It also urged Wahlberg and the filmmakers to support "The Rising," a documentary about the environmental fallout of the oil spill, "with marketing and distribution and by urging theaters showing your film to show 'The Rising' trailer."

"Deepwater Horizon" also stars Kate Hudson, Kurt Russell and John Malkovich, and is set to be released in theaters Sept. 30.

"The trailer makes it look like Mark Wahlberg's character will be a hero amidst the tragedy that caused 11 men to lose their lives. But I know from firsthand experience that BP was no hero in the response," said Aaron Viles, the petition's creator and Care2's senior grassroots organizer, in a press release.

"I started this Care2 petition to encourage Mr. Wahlberg, Mr. [Peter] Berg and the Hollywood companies behind the film to dedicate some of its proceeds to help the real heroes of the Gulf continue their important work helping these communities and ecosystems to recover."