Someone at PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has a sense of humor. Or so I'm concluding from this story in the Hollywood Reporter, which PETA's flack sent over. It seems that PETA has volunteered to sponsor a program called "Skins," which is precipitously losing viewers at a rate that makes cancellation seem certain. "Skins" is evidently a story of "teen life today," but PETA wants to send a different message:

"The non-profit organization has offered up a 30-second spot featuring Pink and Ricky Gervais giving voice to a computer-generated alligator and rabbit who make the case that 'exotic skins and fur belong on their original owners.'
“'In light of the uproar surrounding the explicit content of MTV's new teen drama, Skins, and the show's resultant loss of sponsors, PETA is offering the network a chance to get some positive media attention as well as save animals' skins,”'the org said in a statement."
At least I'm assuming that someone at PETA has a sense of humor. The thought that they're earnest about this is depressing.