Iowa parade-goers got their chance to lob water balloons at an imprisoned Hillary Clinton on Saturday.

A float in the Arcadia Fire Department celebration parade included a man wearing a Hillary Clinton mask and an orange jumpsuit, standing in a makeshift prison cell. The float — made out of chainlink — carried the sign, "Hillary for Prison."

Volunteers handed out water balloons for people to throw, the Daily Times Herald reported.

Carroll County Democrats Chairman Tim Tracy was not happy about the float, telling the newspaper: "We saw a lot of children along the parade route. Children aren't politically savvy. It's sad to imagine that some of them may have been wondering why they were being mean to that lady and throwing things at her."

Kyle Julin, one of the float's creators, estimated that they handed out approximately 400 water balloons. One woman complained to the Herald that the spectacle was disrespectful to women.

Carroll County Republicans Chairman Craig Williams said they weren't involved in the float, but did post photos on Facebook.

"I probably wouldn't have done that myself, but I can certainly understand some frustrations from people over all the illegal things [Clinton] has done," Williams said. "I don't feel it was offensive to women. It could have been anybody in there, anyone who got away with what she did."