Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty is hardly convinced that Donald Trump will do as well in "Rust Belt" states as he has predicted.

McGinty, the Democratic Senate hopeful who is running a tight race against incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, told Business Insider that Trump "is ultimately going to fail to fool people who he is trying to fool," particularly in places like rural Pennsylvania where he spent Monday campaigning.

"He's out of touch with both the struggle as well as the successes of a place like Pennsylvania," she said, touting the Keystone state's higher education system. "He's got a lot of bluster and rhetoric, but his record demonstrates he doesn't have a clue beyond that. Anybody who makes his shirts in China, and his ties in Bangladesh has nothing real and genuine to offer. The working families who are looking for a shot at a good paying family — they need jobs. And Donald doesn't have a clue about that."

Trump held a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., earlier this week, during which he came under from the local elected officials for describing the state capital as a "war zone."

"It probably doesn't help that Donald Trump, just in the last week, said that Pennsylvania is 'rusting and rotting' and that Harrisburg looks like a 'war zone,'" Sean Coit, the communications director for McGinty's campaign said in a statement on Thursday.

"The campaign season hasn't even really started, and Pennsylvania is already saying, loudly and clearly, that the Trump-Toomey ticket is completely unacceptable," he added.

The Trump campaign recently hired a new state director and senior adviser to run their Pennsylvania operation, and the candidate himself has said he plans to visit the state so often between now and November that voters may grow sick of him.

McGinty's opponent has been criticized by Democrats for dodging questions about Trump and purposefully avoiding reporters in the days that have followed some of the billionaire's biggest controversies. While Toomey has declined to outright endorse Trump, he has repeatedly been tied to the GOP presidential hopeful by McGinty's campaign.

Trump currently trails Hillary Clinton by 8 points in Pennsylvania, while Toomey and McGinty remain virtually tied.