Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said Donald Trump's meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday marked the beginning of a more open relationship between the U.S. and its Southern neighbor.

"What the American people are seeing today is the kind of decisive president Donald J. Trump will be," the Republican vice presidential candidate said in a statement released by the Trump campaign.

"This meeting begins a relationship where we can talk about the issues we've got to resolve between the United States and Mexico, as well as the issues we have in common," Pence added.

Trump and Nieto met in Mexico City on Wednesday afternoon, shortly before the GOP presidential hopeful was set to deliver a major speech on immigration in Phoenix, Ariz.

Both men described their discussion as constructive during a joint press conference afterwards, though they noted there are still issues on which they strongly disagree.

"While we may not agree on every matter, I am confident that moving together and forward we can be more prosperous and secure than ever before," Nieto told reporters.

Nieto also extended an invitation to Hillary Clinton, although the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign has not confirmed whether she plans to meet with the head of state before the November election.