Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said he's reaching out to Ohio Gov. John Kasich as Election Day approaches just 76 days away.

Pence told radio host Laura Ingraham he has reached out to Trump's GOP primary rival and implored voters who remain skeptical of Donald Trump's presidency to "stay tuned."

"Sure, we've reached out and I continue to reach out," Pence said when asked about whether he's talked to Kasich about the reason for his aversion to Trump. "When you talk about people that have expressed concerns or reservations about supporting Donald Trump for president, I just say, I say to all those folks just stay tuned."

Ingraham pressed Trump's running mate more and asked, "Do you think Kasich will come around?"

"You know I really believe, I really do believe this party is coming together, this movement is coming together," Pence said, dodging the question while paraphrasing a line from his stump speech on the campaign trail. "And we're going to continue every day between now and Election Day to earn the support of Republicans, independents and many Democrats."

Pence is campaigning in the battleground state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday while Trump is fundraising in reliably red Texas and taping a Fox News television special.