Indiana Gov. Mike Pence appeared to downplay concerns about Hillary Clinton's health on the campaign trail in Georgia on Tuesday.

Pence did not adopt the view of other Donald Trump supporters, who have sought to make Clinton's physical and mental well-being a top issue on the campaign trail.

"What do you think about the claims made by several doctors, including Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Drew of CNN, and other professionals concerning Hillary Clinton's deteriorating health and judgment ability?" a questioner asked Pence. "And do you agree with the 59 percent of Americans that think she should release her medical records?"

"Well, I want to stipulate that that's something that the two major candidates are about the process of doing and the American people have a right to know that information," Pence said. "But I'm less concerned about her bad health as I am about her bad ideas."

Pence argued that he's more concerned about what he described as her plan to raise taxes by more than a trillion dollars, but reiterated that the American people have a right to know information about her medical history.

Other Trump supporters have placed a higher priority on the rumors about Clinton's health. Fox News' Sean Hannity has suggested that Clinton may have had a "stroke" while the Drudge Report has published photos and headlines that sparked questions about the Democratic nominee's health.

In a presidential campaign that has largely focused on personalities and character traits, Pence's push to focus on ideas seems unlikely to be heeded in the final 69 days before the election.