After declining to make an announcement one way or another earlier in the day, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence reversed course and promptly endorsed Sens. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte in their reelection bids.

The vice presidential nominee told WTKR in Norfolk that he "of course" supports the pair of senators, as well as all other Republican incumbents. The comments came during a visit to the city, where he held a rally Thursday night.

"Well of course I support John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and all of our Republican incumbents," Pence told the network. "This is a year when there's a movement far beyond the Republican Party to really make America great again."

"And I think Donald and renewed leadership and Capitol Hill is exactly what we need to rebuild our military, unleash the tremendous potential of the American economy, and ensure that we make commonsense conservative appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States."

Earlier in the day, Pence declined to offer up support for either candidate, saying that "new leadership" was needed. Although many believed he was talking about other senatorial candidates, Pence was referring to Trump and himself, according to an aide.

The news comes two days after Trump refused to support McCain or Ayotte during an interview with the Washington Post. Notably, he hit McCain for his lack of support for veterans, while piling on Ayotte for keeping her distance from the GOP nominee.