House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi heaped praise on President Obama Tuesday over new rules aimed at curbing corporate tax inversions, which, she said, "have enabled many corporations to dodge paying their fair share of the taxes that support our military, our infrastructure and our children's education."

The California Democrat called on Republicans to back a tax overhaul plan that would lower the corporate tax rate, close corporate tax loopholes and make other changes to the system.

"Corporate inversions are an insult to hard-working Americans who pay their taxes and expect big corporations to be governed by the same set of rules," Pelosi said. "Instead of stacking the deck for the special interests, Republicans should join Democrats to discourage inversions by closing loopholes that encourage American corporations to restructure under foreign ownership."

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said he wants to make tax reform a top priority in 2017 if Republicans are able to maintain control of Congress and win the White House.

Ryan's plan would likely broaden the tax base and lower rates for both individuals and corporations, and would close some tax loopholes.