He's not officially a housewife (and doesn't even think "housewives" accurately describes the five local women on the reality television show), but celebrity stylist Paul Wharton gets enough face time in the first episode of "The Real Housewives of D.C." to be considered part of the cast.

"You can look forward to seeing my many moods and hairstyles throughout the season," he told Yeas & Nays, adding that he filmed with the cast several days a week for five months.

In the pilot, which debuts Aug. 5, he is seen hanging out with both Michaele Salahi and Lynda Erkiletian and delivers a message to Salahi that Erkiletian, who owns a modeling agency, thinks she's gotten too thin.

Throughout the season, he tries not to take sides, he tells Yeas & Nays.

"If I had an issue with someone, I dealt with it the same way I would in real life -- with the support of my full hair and makeup team, good lighting and a couple of cocktails," Wharton said.

And while cast members Mary Amons and Stacie Turner downplayed the White House crash, Wharton has a different take on the infamous incident.

"If the gate crash turns out not to be a big deal on the show, someone in the edit [room] is getting canned for sure," he said.