Mayor Jacob Frey let rioters burn Minneapolis to the ground. It earned him so much goodwill that he was berated and screamed out of a "listening session" with them.

Mayor Jenny Durkan let criminals violently take over blocks of public property in Seattle for weeks. Multiple rapes and shootings and a murder resulted, and the police couldn't intervene. Yet it was only once they came to her own home that she suddenly realized there might be a problem.

Mayor London Breed, the black woman who overcame the San Francisco machine to beat her woke, white, and establishment-backed challenger, has a message for these pathetic, woke, white city leaders.

"I want people to respect the opinions and feelings of black people and allow us to decide what is in our best interest," Breed told Vogue, laying into the woke whites who have hijacked protests that followed the death of George Floyd. "I talk about the plan to reduce the police budget and reallocate those resources to the African American community, and a large number of non-Blacks reached out to tell me what I should do for the Black community. Then, they say what their community deserves because of their challenges as well. That really bothered me. The Black community [of San Francisco] is capable of speaking for ourselves and deciding what’s in our best interest."

Righteously and justifiably, Breed went off on the supposed Totally Peaceful Protesters:

"I think part of the problem, again, goes back to privilege. Because the people who came out to my home last time, they were all white and wearing masks and walking with these 'firework sticks' down the street chanting 'Black Lives Matter!' But then, they get to my house and start shooting these fireworks off and aiming them at my window and banging on the gate and calling me names to come outside. It was like, what? In the projects, when you come to somebody’s house, you are coming to get your butt beat. Because I will come out and throw some grits on you if you don’t back up! [Laughs] If you’re gonna come protest, come protest on something real. Not on some hypocrite stuff."

You might have noticed that the thugs caught on video trying to incinerate federal property and harass elderly folks trying to drive across a bridge just happened to be lily-white — perhaps wannabe trust fund rebels from college who cut class to become professional protesters. E.D. Mondaine, the president of the Portland NAACP, similarly lambasted the woke white-ification of the post-George Floyd moment in equally merciless terms.

"That is definitely the tipping point for me," Mondaine said of the naked woman who decided to streak in the streets in the name of police reform, or something. "I mean, this is the same woman that — my great-great-uncle was lynched for just speaking to a white woman. This is what led to the death of Emmett Till. So when we see these well-intentioned — I'm hoping — opportunities being seized, I think that we need to remember that this is exactly why Black men were lynched in America and what a slap in the face it is for us."

Mondaine then struck the nail on the head with perhaps the most concise assessment of what makes the performative activism on display for the past two months just so infuriating:

"They want to be allies, and they want to be friends. But I think that their efforts would be better utilized if they were to be behind Black Lives Matter movement and strategize with us as how we take it another level. They need to be with us in the city square and stand behind our voices. They need to be with us in the classrooms and the boardrooms. They need to be with us in the halls of justice. They need to be crying for the legislature to change its laws."

Meaningful and productive change comes from education, long-term social conditioning to stigmatize or incentivize certain behaviors, lawmaking, and law enforcement. What it does not come from is streaking in the streets and lighting cars on fire. That is not a protest. That is a tantrum.

The overwhelming majority of the public, including roughly half of all Republicans, agree both that George Floyd's killing signified a broader problem with racism in law enforcement and that civilians should have the power to sue cops for using excessive force, which is what overturning or reforming qualified immunity would allow. The momentum for concrete policy change is here, and Breed and Mondaine are absolutely correct to be livid at privileged social justice warriors wasting this opportunity by turning it into an Insta-worthy riot.

If woke whites really want to be allies, they can stop lighting stuff on fire and streaking in the streets — maybe instead, they can listen to the black adults who actually want to get something done.