It’s time for Congress to stop, once and for all, using leftist identity politics in training manuals for federal workers.

Fox News reported on Friday that at a May 3 “employee training,” the Transportation Department force-fed noxious nonsense to workers, portraying all white men as “oppressors” merely by virtue of their race and sex. Or, rather, this status applies only to “cisgender” white men — “cisgender” being the recently invented, but unnecessary, vogue word for having, yes, a nonexotic “sexual identity.”

According to Fox, employees “are given charts that track and help quantify their status as ‘agents’ of ‘privileged groups’ or ‘targets’ within ‘oppressed groups.’” Also, “‘non-citizens’ [are] oppressed by ‘citizens’ via ‘nationalism,’” and “‘middle aged’ people [are] oppressors of ‘youth and elders’ via ‘ageism.’”

Great. That means that merely by virtue of being born as an ordinary, white guy neither too long ago nor too recently, I get to be an oppressor four ways! I’m so lucky — and so proud! Still, I think it’s unfair that I can’t be an oppressor two more times by virtue of being right-handed and of average height. After all, singer Randy Newman taught us that vertically challenged people have no white-normalizing logic to suck up planetary resources.

All us ordinary folks might as well wallow in our power status, you see, because we can’t change it.

“The DOT training,” reports Fox, “also warns that simply choosing not to be racist or prejudiced is not enough, saying, ‘Attempting to suppress or deny biased thoughts can actually increase bias action rather than eradicate it.’”

Sooo... After decades of being taught that it’s a sin to judge people by immutable characteristics with which we are born, the “anti-racists” now teach that all people must be judged by the immutable characteristics with which we’re born. Moreover, rather than work to improve our attitudes and find redemption, we should just accept our inherent inability to be less evil and suffer from guilt complexes because of it. In sum, they teach character is unchangeable, redemption is impossible, and human decency is beyond our reach.

Here's a better idea: How about ending the practice of slicing and dicing us each into ever-more numerous “identity” groups and just start treating each other as humans?

The section of employee training on interpersonal relationships would be so much simpler if that were the case. Instead of page after page of the Gospel of Woke, that part of the training could feature these five words and then be done with it: “Treat each other with respect.”

Unless respectful people are oppressors, too, that is. I haven’t checked to see if that’s in the non-cisgender, BIPOC-approved training manual footnotes.