The bomber or bombers (the profile for incidents such as these suggest a single male bomber) apparently responsible for sending explosive devices to George Soros, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and former CIA director John Brennan at CNN's New York headquarters, is likely to be caught soon.

First off, none of the explosive devices thus far sent were able to detonate. CNN and Soros' security teams deserve particular credit here because they lack the formalized screening systems available to the Secret Service. These "left of boom" interceptions-before-detonation will provide a treasure trove of investigative material to the Secret Service and the FBI. Focusing on the packages' origins, and their design, components, explosive type, and detonator systems, investigators will be able to narrow down who would have had the skill and training to construct them. That said, it is worth noting here that neither the Soros or the CNN devices detonated. That raises the prospect that the devices were made with faulty detonator-receiver connections.

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Still, the number of devices and their apparent viability also suggests a suspect who has had some prior military or construction training and is comfortable working with explosives. Because the FBI has expansive protocols with which to detect those who are trying to acquire explosive material or precursors in order to construct a bomb (why do you think so many Islamic State-inspired losers have been caught before attacks?), it is highly unlikely that this suspect was using the Internet to learn how to make these devices. An extension here is that the authorities will fear other devices may have been sent to individuals or organizations that lack the mail screening systems possessed by CNN and Soros.

The specific targeting of Democratic or perceived anti-Trump individuals also gives investigators a lead. Yes, the fact that the existing devices appear to have targeted only Democrats or perceivable pro-Democratic officials might be coincidental. But it will drive investigators to consider individuals who have previously shown interest in anti-Democratic Party terrorism. Right now, the Secret Service's protective intelligence division will be poring through its vast archive system, scrutinizing actors who have threatened Democrats in the past and have feasible means of carrying out these kind of attacks.

It is tragic that someone obviously believed these bombs would achieve a meaningful political purpose. Fortunately, the Secret Service has great leads to run this investigation aggressively and efficiently. And the suspect(s) have a problem — the Secret Service is truly worthy of the rest of the nation's trust and confidence.

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