After Joe Biden's half century in public life, the media has finally caught on to breaking news: Biden is a bit of a creep with women.

It's no coincidence that the eleventh-hour revelation from our firefighting journalists comes just as the former vice president seems set to enter the presidential fray about five feet to the right of the Democratic Party's increasingly Corbynite candidates. If Biden does jump in the arena, he does so as the de facto front runner, a popular politician who's had the blessing of avoiding the last two years of chaos and is perfectly positioned to declare himself the true heir to Obama-ism, flip back the Rust Belt, and govern as a traditionally liberal president.

After decades of conveniently ignoring that Biden routinely and brazenly invades women's personal space, our media betters seem keen on nuking this prospect. Why allow an actually competent candidate a chance to, you know, win, when you can instead offer millions of dollars of air time to proven visionaries like Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (greatest achievement: achieving zero Senate votes for her Green New Deal) and Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (greatest achievement: getting called out by Chelsea Clinton for vicious anti-Semitism).

If you think this is a silver bullet to put down Biden's bid, I have a bridge to sell you. Despite the media's best efforts to cover for Biden up until 45 seconds ago, people have eyes, and nothing Biden's "accused" of happens in private, much less without half a dozen cameras documenting the whole affair.

At the helm of the Biden backlash is Lucy Flores, a Nevada Democrat who alleges that Biden smelled her hair and then kissed the back of her head. I use the word "alleges" lightly, because I'm dubious that anyone doesn't believe her. After all, it's not as though sniffing some broad's coiffure is more than a step removed from planting a big ole smooch on the back of someone's head.

To be clear, Biden's disregard for personal space is gross, but more than anything, it's indicative of a lifetime of entitlement and categorical praise and passes from the media. Now, if I saw one of my friends behaving like Biden in public, I'd surely take away the bourbon and issue a quick swat of the hand, but everyone knows that Uncle Joe gets a pass for getting just a little handsy when he's in the mood. I don't make the rules; I'm just recounting what "Good Feminists" like Gloria Steinem have decided about left-wing men and their one free gropes. They're even trying to argue that Al Franken was framed, despite even more graphic evidence of wrongdoing.

Biden's behavior with Flores was wrong, but mark my words: Neera Tanden and company will fall back in lockstep to stand up for Uncle Joe, and the media will let them after the proper cycle of catharsis passes.