The unprecedented leak of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade has resulted in many on the Left going apoplectic over an alleged violation of "women's rights."

Many so-called feminists have considered the indicated ruling an attack on women. Yet, while numerous politicians, pundits, celebrities, and athletes are now beating the drums of feminism over the right to murder infants, these same people were completely silent when a man identified as a woman and deprived females of collegiate athletic opportunities.

These so-called feminists are agenda-driven phonies. The anger on display is the latest production from DNC Masterpiece Theater. They care as much about women as the doctor who mercilessly ends an infant's life during an abortion.

A careful examination of most of these people's social media accounts will show a lack of enthusiasm for women's rights when Lia Thomas, the infamous University of Pennsylvania swimmer, competed during the NCAA swimming season. Why? Because feminists were not ordered to be outraged over the matter, even though a man taking away opportunities from women, solely because he decided to claim he was a woman, is more of an egregious violation of women's rights than is murdering infants.

Feminists, the crusaders and defenders of women's rights, care more about denying an infant the right to live than protecting women from having fair competition in collegiate sports or unwanted exposure to male genitalia in locker rooms. Obviously, any concern feminists claim to have in protecting women is nothing more than virtue signaling.