The youth, in the dumps more than usual, have appeared to lost faith in the American experiment and now consider other countries greater.

In an expansive Harvard University survey of America’s 18- to 29-year-olds, 50% declared that there are other countries “as great or greater” than America, and just 31% said the United States is No. 1.

“Young Americans are sounding the alarm. When they look at the America they will soon inherit, they see a democracy and climate in peril — and Washington as more interested in confrontation than compromise,” said Harvard’s Institute of Politics Polling Director John Della Volpe in releasing Wednesday's survey.

It found that a majority believe that democracy is “in trouble” or “failing.” And while most young Biden voters are satisfied with their 2020 vote, the president’s job approval has dropped 13% to 46% since the school's spring poll.

The survey described younger voters as sour on several topics, including climate change policy, and anxious over the nation’s divisive politics. It even suggested that they are worried about a new civil war.

“Young Americans place the chances that they will see a second civil war in their lifetime at 35%; chances that at least one state secedes at 25%,” read the analysis shared with Secrets.

One issue they agree on is the impact of the coronavirus. Over 50% of young Republicans and Democrats said that COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their lives.

And in a similar series of questions, they also feel depressed and even prone to self-harm.

“More than half — 51% — of young Americans report having felt down, depressed, and hopeless — and 25% have had thoughts of self-harm — at least several times in the last two weeks,” read the analysis.