Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has raised more money from Virginians than challenger Terry McAuliffe by over $540,000, demonstrating statewide support for his insurgent campaign.

According to the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project, McAuliffe received 36% of his donations from Virginia, totaling $13,640,637. Another 10% came from Washington, for $10,723,658, and 36% from outside the area, good for $13,627,541.

Youngkin’s finances have been overshadowed by the millionaire’s loans of over $16 million to his campaign.

But stripping Youngkin’s money out of his total campaign donations, he has raised more than McAuliffe from Virginians, by about $14.2 million to $13.6 million.

McAuliffe has a well-earned reputation for being a fundraiser in chief for both former President Bill Clinton and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. When Youngkin joined the race, it was unclear how the former Carlyle Group CEO would do in fundraising.

As of the latest filings, Youngkin, who has pledged to forgo a salary as governor, has raised $42 million to McAuliffe’s $44 million.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, it incorrectly included donations from prior years. The Washington Examiner regrets the error.