Former President Donald Trump isn’t the only one who knows the “art of the deal.”

Several people who shelled out $229.99 for a signed version of his new photo album, Our Journey Together, immediately saw the value of their purchases and put the books on eBay when the first printing sold out.

The prices we saw ranged from $888 to $1,600 for the coffee table-style book of 300 photos and handwritten captions.

Sergio Gor, president of Winning Team Publishing, told us, “President Donald Trump’s book is the hottest book on the market. The demand has exceeded all expectations. People are paying 10 times the retail value on sites like eBay in hopes of acquiring a copy.”

It could be a Christmas thing. Winning Team's website,, is flashing a warning that "All books ordered after December 2 will arrive January 2022."

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