A collection of southern states under attack from President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats for allegedly limiting ballot access to minorities top a new list of those with the highest “election integrity.”

Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and Texas lead a list of states in a new Heritage Foundation scorecard that tested balloting and voting rules to find those that run fairest systems.

“The right to free and fair elections and to having every legal vote count is one of the most basic civil rights in our republic,” said the report compiled by Heritage, which has long charted election fraud.

The Heritage Foundation review found southern states have the highest election integrity. Graphic provided by the Heritage Foundation.

The cellar dwellers in the new report are Hawaii, Nevada, and California.

Biden’s home state of Delaware ranks 32nd, with 52 of 100 points on the Heritage scoreboard that includes voter identification implementation, the accuracy of voter lists, absentee ballot management, vote harvesting restrictions, and verification of citizenship.

The interactive report will be updated much like the election fraud report Heritage compiles.