Former Vice President Mike Pence isn’t making a lot of headlines as he pushes into the 2022 congressional midterm elections and a potential 2024 presidential bid. And that’s a good thing, according to the pros.

“Just slow and steady,” said former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in an interview. “He's not trying to win a sprint. He understands it’s a marathon."

“If you look over the last year, he has just wisely reengaged himself on things that matter. ... He’s got a steady course here, and I think he’s doing rather well," added Walker.

Former President Donald Trump is also poised to run again and appears eager to continue knocking his former veep. Earlier this month, he said Pence was “mortally wounded” for voting to confirm President Joe Biden’s 2020 win in the ceremony that sparked the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

Pence aides hope the controversy will fade, especially as he helps midterm candidates win. And Walker said that in the end, the former Indiana governor has a chance at the top job: “He’s certainly well qualified for it. We’ll see after 2022, the next year. A year is an eternity in politics.”