A majority of Republicans and 13% of Democrats still believe that President Joe Biden cheated to beat former President Donald Trump.

In a slight decline since June, when 41% of likely voters said they did not believe Biden won fairly, 34% now told Rasmussen Reports that Biden did not win “fairly.”

“However, 61% of Republican voters still think Biden didn’t win the presidential election fairly, an opinion shared by 13% of Democrats and 29% of voters not affiliated with either major party,” said the pollster’s new analysis out Friday.

The survey mostly focused on election integrity, and it found continued strong national support for voters showing identification. By a margin of 75%-19%, they back photo ID.

And voters remain on high alert for cheating and election integrity measures, said the pollster.

“Concerns about election integrity remain high, with 83% of voters saying it is ‘Very Important’ to prevent cheating in elections, up from 79% in June,” said Rasmussen.