Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has led an effort to improve conditions for Jan. 6 riot defendants held in the Washington, D.C., prison, has collected and released a series of tweets by the jailer that appear to show her bias against former President Donald Trump.

In a Twitter thread meant to reinforce Greene's report on those held, titled "Unusually Cruel," Greene strongly suggested the defendants are receiving unfair treatment in part because Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin did not like the Jan. 6 protests.

What’s more, the Republican hit the media for largely ignoring the conditions in which the dozens of defendants are being held because of the news industry’s anti-Trump bias.

“Imagine you protested for #BLM and when the protests turned violent you were arrested and held for nearly a year, abused harshly pre-trial in jail, under the hateful oversight of a Deputy Warden that is a white rabid Trump supporter. The media stories would be NON-STOP,” she tweeted last night.

“They would win Pulitzer Prizes for courageous journalism. Every single civil rights groups & civil rights giants would be protesting outside the jail and suing the entire Gov demanding release of the abused #BLM pre-trial defendants and the Deputy Warden’s head on a platter. Only that didn’t happen. At all,” she added.

In a series of screengrabs, she also criticized Landerkin, with whom Greene verbally tussled during trips to the jail.

Landerkin’s spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment, and her Twitter account appears to have been deleted.

“There is so much irony in Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin’s tweets and belief system,” wrote Greene, adding “Just like many Democrats, she complained about a ‘stolen election’ and wanted President Trump locked up, but now tortures people who rioted at the Capitol over a stolen election.”

Greene has made a few trips to the jail, finally getting in recently, and said in a report that conditions were poor. The D.C. jail has transferred some inmates not involved in the Jan. 6 protests due to bad conditions.

“The unconstitutional abuse of Americans charged for the J6 riot at the Capitol must end immediately in the DC Jail, in the court systems, & other prisons & jails other J6 defendants are being held in across the country. They should be released & home until their court date,” wrote Greene in her Twitter thread.

She concluded, “I was shocked and upset by the riot on J6 and will never defend the violence of that day. But I will stand up in the face of authoritarian political warfare and the two tiered justice system being weld against Trump supporters. We ALL should! And never allow it again.”