The headlines for former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows's new book The Chief’s Chief have rightly focused on the previously unknown details of former President Donald Trump’s bout with COVID-19 and his plans for 2024.

But the book is full of other juicy nuggets that shouldn’t be ignored, some funny, others dead serious. Here are a few:

  • Former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel told Meadows upon getting the job that presidents never get to choose between good and bad. “If it’s between good and bad, someone else will deal with it. Everything that gets into the Oval Office is between bad and worse,” Emanuel told him.
  • Trump is a TiVo junkie. He called it the “greatest invention known to man.”
  • The former president nearly dumped Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after the judge repeatedly expressed his devotion to beer. “He was extremely put off.”
  • Meadows thinks Don Trump Jr. may be “too edgy” to hold office. “No one connected with the base better than Don Jr. He was a bit edgy, and perhaps too edgy to ever run for office. Of course, that was said about his dad as well."
  • Sick of hospital food during his COVID-19 stay, Trump hosted a McDonald's feast with top staff before leaving. But doctors demanded that everybody wear face shields while eating. "I only wish we’d brought along a White House photographer to capture the moment. I’m sure that it would have looked great hanging in the Trump Presidential Library in 50 years, right above a plaque explaining what COVID-19 was, and how we beat it.”