In an amazing victory over “cancel culture” and without a lick of advertising, big media reviews, or even a C-SPAN book chat, conservative talker Mark R. Levin’s American Marxism is heading to be the top-selling book for all of 2021.

According to publishing industry sources, Levin’s call to action sold more than 1.2 million copies in several formats, including 1 million in hardback. Amazon is headlining it as the nation’s bestseller of all books this year.

That Levin could sell so many despite a media blackout of his 309-page bestseller published by Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions is a win over the national campaign to “cancel” critics of “progressives,” Democrats, and Hollywood.

Levin’s book received little notice in the liberal media; he didn’t do a 60 Minutes or C-SPAN book interview, and even some key conservative outlets ignored it. However, it sold 400,000 in the first week and 1 million after six weeks.

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By comparison, other New York Times bestselling authors such as Bob Woodward received generous coverage and free publicity but didn’t come close to beating Levin in sales. The latest Woodward book ranks 23rd on Amazon’s Best Sellers of 2021 in Books.

And his No. 1 ranking is a powerful indicator of the influence he has on his nightly talk radio show, The Mark Levin Show, where he mentions the book and its themes, prompting his listeners to follow along with their own copy. Levin is also on other formats, notably Fox, where he hosts the Sunday show Life, Liberty & Levin.

After this report posted, the publisher confirmed the sales number.

“We were thrilled to see BookScan’s year-end tally and commend American Marxism’s #1 best-selling achievement," Jennifer Long, deputy publisher for Threshold, said in a statement. "Levin’s book outsold not only the best-selling nonfiction titles of the year, it topped sales across both fiction and nonfiction, and it continues to sell thousands of copies each week – demonstrating the phenomenal appeal of this book.”

Levin told Secrets when the book was released in mid-July that he wanted his book to be a call to action against threats to traditional freedoms posed by liberals. While his other books have highlighted problems he sees the nation facing, American Marxism went further, calling for boycotts against “wokism” and corporate efforts to pull culture to the left.

“The time to act is now,” he wrote in his eighth book in a series about the liberal takeover of the United States. “Each of us must take time out of our daily lives to help save our country. We must be tactical and nimble in our responses to American Marxism,” added Levin, who was unavailable to discuss his sales.

The book was also ahead of several issues that played out in the fall elections. For example, he warned of critical race theory being taught in schools, a key issue in the surprise upset by Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia gubernatorial election.

In past interviews, Levin said he hoped readers would take action after reading his book. On his radio show, he has suggested many did, including parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, after being faced with critical race theory teachings and a sex scandal featuring two school assaults, including one by a gender-fluid male student.

In the book, Levin announced that he planned to write a “second volume” to American Marxism.