As Democrats scramble to save President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion Build Back Better spend-and-tax plan, more voters are sending a signal that it’s time to cut bait and move on.

In the latest gauge of the slumping support for the controversial leg of Biden’s social welfare agenda, Rasmussen Reports said Friday morning that just 38% of likely voters support BBB. Another 45% are opposed.

What’s more, Democrats are bailing on the program. The pollster found that just 62% of Democrats “support” the plan that spreads money across several social welfare issues.

Support among black people is 47%, with independents a low 34%, and it is underwater with both men and women.

And those surveyed apparently are paying attention to the debate in Washington over BBB. Asked “how closely” they have been watching the issue, 77% said “very” or “somewhat” closely.

The survey comes as the Senate continues to struggle with the issue, hung up on opposition by some led by Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. In the evenly split Senate, Manchin holds the key to passage. He has suggested a pause on BBB until after the impact of raging inflation eases.

And Biden has signaled that the White House is ready to move on to other issues, including voting reform, where Republicans are lined up to oppose his bill.

Biden’s standing with voters has been a drag on his efforts. Rasmussen reported on Thursday Biden’s lowest approval rating yet, at just 40%.

And in the new survey, voters overwhelmingly signaled disapproval for the House and Senate.