President Joe Biden is running out of groups of voters he can count on.

On a day when his chief of staff was spinning a claim that the president is “delivering the fastest economic recovery in history,” a new survey of Main Street showed small businesses running from Biden and the sky-high inflation under his watch.

Two different Zogby Polls showed that small company executives are losing faith in Biden, including one showing overwhelming opposition to his reelection in 2024.

In the first, pollster and Zogby Analytics CEO Jonathan Zogby found that top executives of companies with $10 million or less in annual revenue feel worse off under Biden. The numbers, however, flipped for larger companies.


“People at the top such as — executives, owners and vice presidents — thought things were worse off (56%) than better off (44%),” said his analysis. Throw in all workers, and the margin was 53% worse off to 47% better off.

Hardly an endorsement of the economy in those mixed results, those with bigger and smaller companies agreed that they don’t want Biden reelected.

Overall, the spread was 61% against to 39% for reelection.

“There was a difference in intensity among small businesses' annual revenue-companies that earned less than $10 million (37% yes, 63% no) were not enthusiastic with his reelection. When it came to companies that earned more than $10 million dollars annually, 46% felt he should be reelected, while 54% felt President Biden should not be reelected. Either way, most businesses did not think he deserved reelection,” said the pollster.

In his conclusion, Zogby laid out all the hurdles to Biden’s reelection. He wrote:

“As President Biden's agenda, mainly the Build Back Better bill, is stalled in Congress, his approval and job performance have dipped to all-time lows. President Biden's also simultaneously dealing with a new variant of the coronavirus pandemic (Omicron), while the previous variant (Delta) is still causing most illnesses. While small businesses are finding it impossible to hire, even when they offer higher wages and better incentives, it's a wonder any business would want him reelected again! Can anything go right for Biden? His vice president is taking it on the chin too-she has had to deal with a wave of resignations, not to mention being called a bully who lacks leadership skills. With the way things are going, Democrats might need a plan B for the 2022 midterm elections and 2024 presidential election!”