Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said he’s upbeat about his 2022 Senate bid.

In Washington for meetings, we huddled at a Capitol Hill Corner Bakery, where the Republican talked confidently about his chances to eventually face Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly.

He is running in a crowded August GOP primary but is up in the polls.

And he’s constantly in the news as he challenges the Biden administration’s efforts to meddle with voting, open the border, and impose vaccine mandates.

He is also in the middle of a state debate over 2020 election violations, with former President Donald Trump urging action. But it is notable that Trump, who once criticized Brnovich, hasn't endorsed in the race yet.

“I’m never going to win Mr. Congeniality,” the first-generation American said over Cokes. “But my numbers are great, I’m principled, and I am who I am.”

He recalled that when he first ran for his first of two terms, many wrote him off as a novice politician and campaigner.

“Don’t underestimate the Brno,” he said. “People have no idea how hard I work and how much the issues matter, the Constitution matters to me,” he said, adding, “no one will ever outwork me. I’ve been working since I delivered the Arizona Republic every day as a kid, rain or shine.”