Nearly 9 in 10 voters are worried about the crime surge across the nation, and almost 70% fear that there is no end in sight.

In the latest problem facing Democrats and President Joe Biden, 89% of likely voters told Rasmussen Reports that they are concerned about the crime wave. That is 10 points higher than in July.

Headlines have highlighted random shootings, retail smash-and-grabs, and brief jail stays for violent criminals. Meanwhile, some Democrats have pushed plans to defund police departments.

Rasmussen said that a sky-high 64% of voters are “very concerned” about crime.

And as bad, most see it getting worse. In the survey previewed by Secrets, Rasmussen found that 68% of voters believe crime “is getting worse.”

As it typically does, especially with an election coming on, Rasmussen asked voters whom they trust to deal with the surge, and they picked Republicans.

“Asked who they trust more to deal with the problem of violent crime, 49% of voters say Republicans, compared to 27% who trust Democrats more. Twenty-one percent (21%) of voters think the two parties are about the same in dealing with violent crime,” said the early poll analysis.