All of the hope in President Joe Biden’s 21-minute inaugural address, which promised “unity, unity,” has not only evaporated in his first 11 months but left people feeling that 2021 was “one of the worst years ever,” according to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey.

In the poll previewed by Secrets, likely voters said that they not only believe the year was a bust, but that a majority feel 2022 will be bad also.

“If there’s any bright spot in the public’s grim assessment of 2021, at least it was better than 2020, which Americans rated the worst year in more than a decade of surveying,” said Rasmussen in a not so uplifting analysis.

The numbers:

  • 74% said 2021 was a fair to poor year, with most, 48%, calling it poor.
  • Just 23% called it a good to the best year ever, with just 2% dubbing it “one of the best years."
  • 63% of Democrats agreed that it was fair to poor.
  • 50% expect 2022 to be fair to poor, and 41% believe it will be good to the best.
(Rasmussen Reports)

Kitchen table issues likely affected the assessment, especially with inflation spiking. Asked if they feel better or worse off economically, those polled said worse by a 48%-20% margin. Another 28% said their finances were about the same.

The survey caps a string of poor polls for Biden, whose approval rating began to tank when the administration appeared to bungle the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. After that, inflation began to leap, and COVID-19 infections reached levels higher than under former President Donald Trump.