The individual arrested on Friday by the FBI has been named as Cesar Altieri Sayoc. After some digging I managed to find his Twitter page, "Hardrock2016" and – thanks to Washington Examiner's Phil Klein – another Twitter page listed as "HardrockIntlent." Here are a few of the more odd posts on these accounts, apparently controlled by Sayoc.

That latter page shows a selfie-video by Sayoc in attendance at a Trump rally.

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Sayoc Screenshot 1 - 102618
(Screenshot via Twitter)

On his other Twitter page, Sayoc's most recent post from October 24th includes insults to George Soros.

Sayoc Screenshot 2 - 102618
(Screenshot via Twitter)

On that same page after some ranting about Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, Sayoc then offers a rambling endorsement of President Trump, invoking former President John Tyler.

Sayoc Screenshot 3 - 102618
(Screenshot via Twitter)

Yet more attacks on George Soros, and former President Barack Obama's mother's family then follow. Then on October 10th, Sayoc posted a foreboding message warning of a red tsunami. But going back into Sayoc's Twitter history we see a litany of messages referring to the "unconquered seminole tribe."

Sayoc Screenshot 4 - 102618
(Screenshot via Twitter)

In short, this seems like a pretty sick individual.