Everyone has basically made their mind up on Trump's media rants. The president's supporters believe much of the media is inherently biased against him. And they're right. And everyone else believes the media is imperfect but undeserving Trump's extreme rhetoric. And they're also right.

But the president's "enemy of the people" tweets don't help either Trump or the media. Take Trump's latest delivery of that message on Friday.

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Thus follows a predictable pattern. Trump's supporters line up to pledge their fealty to his policies and their hatred for "fake news" media. And the media lines up to warn that Trump's tweets endanger media lives. Thus we find the synergy of two self-righteous camps. A president too ignorant to realize that American governance is built on aggressive media reporting and a media too self-important to ignore Trump's tweets and keep working.

On that latter point, there's a special tediousness to those in the media who point to Trump's "enemy" messaging and suggest that it makes them less safe. There's no evidence for this. The law constrains the worst excesses of media fanatics like the idiot who decided to try and bomb CNN last October. Nor is there any comparison between the marginal risks that American journalists face, and the risks faced by journalists in places like Mexico, Iraq, and Russia. In suggesting otherwise, American journalists insult reality.

This leaves us with the simple truth.

Trump's "enemy" tweets are stupid and petulant acts which induce more of the same from journalists.