In a tragic article from the Washington Post last week, journalist Rushan Abbas explained how her Uighur-minority aunt and sister have gone missing in China. Abbas believes her family members may have been detained by Beijing as punishment for her own reporting. If so, they would be just two of the perhaps 1 million Uighurs that China has now detained in concentration camps.

Sadly, Abbas is almost certainly correct in her assessment as to why this kidnapping has occurred. Noting that she attended a Hudson Institute conference on the Uighur situation just six days before her aunt and sister went missing, Abbas assumes that her advocacy attracted the Chinese government's attention and ire. It speaks volumes about the true nature of Xi Jinping's despotic regime that his intelligence services would employ such hostile activity against simple conference events. It's a reminder that across the world, Xi attempts to subvert, intimidate, and harass those who objectively discuss what he does.

It must not stand.

President Trump should direct U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley to call an emergency Security Council session. Pushing the Europeans away from their cozy, feudal submission to Chinese investments, the U.S. should outline the abundant evidence of China's Uighur concentration camps. We should then push for immediate sanctions on those Chinese officials responsible for the systemic lies which underpin the Uighur crisis. China will veto the resolution, but it will achieve two overdue victories nevertheless. First, it will infuriate Xi by drawing the world's uncomfortable attention to what he is doing. That will help undercut Xi's mercantilism-based foreign policy which exists on the lie that China seeks only shared economic growth. Second, it will show American moral leadership.

Stories like Abbas' must not be shared solely in the human rights dominion. They represent what's at stake in the world's second great Cold War and why America must rally the world to our side. Oh, and they prove why Trump should unleash a few tweets of utter condemnation against Google CEO Sundar Pichai and his pathetic subservience to Xi.