Somehow, the National School Boards Association has managed to make its Sept. 29 letter to the Biden administration labeling concerned parents domestic terrorists even worse.

An NSBA internal review released May 20 revealed that the association had considered requesting the presence of “the Army National Guard and its Military Police” at school district events in a draft of the letter.

Multiple House Republicans noted in a statement that the report also “confirms that the Biden administration colluded with members of the NSBA to abuse the counterterrorism authorities of the federal government and investigate America’s parents.”

Thirty states have “distanced themselves from the NSBA’s letter” as of May 24, according to Defending Ed. Twenty-four states have chosen to “withdraw membership, participation, or dues from NSBA.”

Two new states are looking to withdraw following the review’s release. The latest was Texas as of May 23.

The Texas Association of School Boards stated it would end its membership due to “the release of an independent investigation that found operational deficiencies and lack of internal controls and processes within the NSBA” and disclosed “new details about the development of the NSBA Sept. 29 letter.”

The Nebraska Association of School Boards’s executive committee also voted on May 20 to recommend that the board of directors “not renew its membership with the NSBA,” according to emails shared on Twitter by Corey A. DeAngelis. The final vote will take place on June 11.

This is what happens when education leaders continue to drive a wedge between parents and their children with insane decisions and derogatory rhetoric. Eventually, they push it too far.

You can’t just apologize and make parents forget, especially as they continue to deal with the constant reminders of public schools' failings in the explicit assignments their children bring home and the discoveries of books containing inappropriate sexual content in school libraries.

Parents have a right to know what is going on in their children's education. They are the primary educators of their children. They’re also their children’s primary defense against the steady stream of depravity coming from the nation’s classrooms.

It’s hard to see how any state could maintain a connection to the NSBA after the initial letter to President Joe Biden, but kudos to the ones finally choosing to leave.