Speaking on Monday for a video on the pro-Jeremy Corbyn media site Novara Media, a Novara founder explained why socialism hasn't found a natural base in British society.

According to James Butler, "the great problem of British politics is that we never had a successful bourgeois revolution so we never executed all of these people. And therefore they remain in this kind of continual alliance that is extremely powerful between land wealth and a nascent bourgeois. It means that the structure of British politics is weirdly deformed as opposed to the standard European political model."

Neither of Butler's two Novara co-hosts challenged that assertion. But if there was ever an example of how fanatically ideological the Corbyn far-left truly is, it is Butler's: the lament that landowners and other asset holders weren't guillotined. Yet Butler's argument isn't just a lament for absent executions, it's a rallying cry for revolutionary totalitarianism. For structures like Robespierre's terror and Stalin's purges, for Mao's re-education camps and Pol Pot's death camps. Butler's argument is utterly defining in its intellectual vacuousness.

Where and when has a communist revolutionary movement ever accomplished anything positive for people? The answer is nowhere and never. Far-left revolutions have always been defined not by the emancipation of humanity, but by the destruction of human lives.

Still, we shouldn't be surprised that the pro-Corbyn far-left are so energetic in their extremist views here. After all, the Labour Party leader they support isn't just a leftist, he's a pro-Putin, anti-capitalist fanatic who has a particular problem with Jews. He is a leader seeking a very different kind of Britain: one at war with all those who would challenge the supremacy of a rising socialist state and defenseless against all Britain's enemies.

Later in their discussion, Butler made another contention. To be a young conservative, he said, "You have to be quite an unpleasant person."

Novara Media needs history books and some mirrors.

Anyway, you can watch Butler's comment at the 35 minute, 20 second mark, as below.