The Taliban are carrying out retaliatory killings in spite of their assurances to the contrary. But don’t worry because the United States is “deeply concerned” about it.

In a move as predictable as the sunrise, the Taliban are carrying out summary executions of former Afghan officials and police officers. The Taliban, which lied about peace deals and equal rights, lied about the amnesty being offered to those former Afghan officials. Everyone saw this coming.

Everyone, that is, except the Biden administration, which was caught off guard by every development in Afghanistan from the moment President Joe Biden was sworn in. Carrying on the administration’s weak reputation, State Department Special Representative and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Afghanistan Thomas West took to Twitter to declare that the U.S. is “deeply concerned” and to urge the Taliban to “ensure their promise of amnesty is upheld.

This has been the refrain from the State Department since the withdrawal. It was obvious to everyone that the Taliban were still the Taliban and that Biden putting his trust (and the safety of Americans and Afghan allies) in the hands of terrorist thugs was a ridiculous idea. Now, the administration is determined to broadcast to the world how weak the U.S. is, gently chiding the Taliban regime as it shoots Afghans in the streets.

Is it any wonder that the administration’s abandoning of Afghanistan raised several questions about its commitment to Taiwan, especially as the White House repeatedly walks back any commitment to protect the country from China? The “deep concerns” of the State Department mean nothing to the world’s worst regimes, including the Taliban. All it does is invite mockery.

Biden and the State Department let the Taliban push the U.S. around amid the frantic evacuation of Americans and Afghans. These pointless statements, whether they are from West or Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are only a reminder of how pathetic the Biden administration is when addressing authoritarian regimes.