Chris Cuomo was a dreadful journalist. He was tendentious, unfair, careless, ignorant, arrogant, helplessly partisan, and seemingly dishonest. But on this day, we should remember the one time he was right, and it was kind of great.

Today is a good day to recall Cuomo’s good moment because he was just fired by CNN. Of course, CNN should have fired him long ago for being awful at his job. Becket Adams has an abridged (yet still lengthy) list of Cuomo’s offenses against decency and journalistic ethics. Some highlights include Cuomo’s defense of Katie Couric’s inexcusable misrepresentation about gun owners, saying that Obama had no scandals, and arguing that the First Amendment doesn’t protect whatever Cuomo deems “hate speech.”

Cuomo echoed his brother’s disdain toward pro-lifers, dubbing defense of the unborn as racism and making the popular but false assertion that pro-life activists never help at-need mothers or babies after the baby is born.

I’ll add one of my favorites. Cuomo tried to argue that former President Donald Trump sucked because the U.S. economy contracted more than that of Germany. But Cuomo was comparing annual growth rates for Germany to quarterly growth in the United States. In truth, America’s economy had outperformed that of Germany. Cuomo never corrected the error, CNN still has the tweet up, and CNN’s “misinformation” cop Donie O’Sullivan never said a peep.

But I’m here to praise Cuomo’s good deed because today is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. What exactly is that? Well, Cuomo proved himself a very rare man who knew.

Matt Gaetz wrongly believed that the Immaculate Conception was when Mary conceived Jesus — an incredibly common mistake. Instead, the Immaculate Conception refers to when Mary came into being, in her mother’s womb. This was the first human since Adam and Eve to come into existence without the stain of original sin. The mother of our Lord had to be sinless, and so she was spared that stain. Cuomo, raised as a Catholic, knew that and used his cable news show to dunk on a guest who didn’t.

So on this special day, cheers to Chris Cuomo. You did something right.