The ghost of Hillary Clinton hovers over the cornfields, haunting Sen. Joe Donnelly.

While Clinton hasn’t passed from this world just yet, Republicans keep summoning her spirit in order to damn those red-state Democrats unfortunate enough to have supported her presidential election in 2016.

Mike Braun knows this and has just clipped an ad to that exact purpose. Donnelly, Braun points out in the new 30-second spot, voted against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and for the Iran Nuclear Deal. Most damning of all? Donnelly stumped for Clinton, and there is video to prove it.

In a grainy black and ethereal white, Donnelly reads what may be his own death sentence: “We are going to work together to elect Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States!”

Donnelly leads Braun by four points according to the RealClearPolitics polling average, but there haven't been many polls lately in the Hoosier State. The longer Clinton hangs ephemeral-like over the race, the less likely it is that Donnelly's political soul survives.