Bad news for college Republicans: When it comes to your Democratic fellow students, even the friend zone isn’t an option.

A Generation Lab/Axios poll measuring college students' attitudes toward people who voted for the opposing presidential candidate came back with predictable results. Of course, Democratic college students are more intolerant than their Republican colleagues. But the gap between the two is notable, and it goes from both the personal to the professional.

According to the poll, 71% of Democrats would not go on a date with someone who voted for a GOP president, compared to 31% of Republicans who would do the same for those who voted for a Democrat. The more notable point here is that more Republicans would go on a date with a Democrat than Democrats would be friends with Republicans (37%, compared to 5% if the roles are flipped).

If you’re upset that businesses who sell hamburgers or make shoes are lecturing you about politics, this poll helps explain that too. College Democrats don’t want to support businesses (41%) or work for employers (30%) who have different politics than them, compared to just 7% of college Republicans on both questions.

Naturally, when you are used to university officials rolling over and groveling to accommodate every political demand, you tend to carry that out into the real world. But there is some good news for those liberal college students who are throwing themselves into debt to chase activist degrees in programs such as women’s studies: Most fast-food CEOs didn’t donate to former President Donald Trump, so your work options are open.