With Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts verifying the leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is authentic, people should acknowledge this was a calculated and tactical move by Democratic partisans.

This illegal and unprecedented leak was done as a warning to rile up opposition and prevent the Supreme Court justices from doing their jobs objectively. The Left doesn't want our country's cherished institutions to function properly unless they advance their radical agenda. The leak happened because they want to sabotage the court's authority in the case so that Democrats can continue killing innocent babies.

This coup in the judiciary is Democrats' latest attempt to subvert our democracy. They do this every time our government's institutions stand in the way of advancing their political agenda.

It is rather suspicious how quickly the opposition and the media propaganda were able to bubble to the surface. In fact, one might suspect a coordinated strike. A rogue court clerk leaks a draft, and abortion fanatics mobilize instantly and protest at the Supreme Court building. ABC News conducts a poll at light speed, allegedly showing that most of the country believes that the court should uphold Roe v. Wade.

Yet, that was the objective of this leak — to affect public opinion. It was done to create public outrage and anger that would affect this November's election — indeed, save the Democrats' from certain doom. In exchange for this legislative action, Democrats sacrificed the relevance and authority of the judicial branch on the altar of their ideology.

During last night's judicial coup, Democrats showed the depths to which they will sink to implement policy. Laws do not matter, rules do not matter, institutions do not matter, and democracy does not matter. All that matters are the extreme tactics they will use to achieve their political desires.