An explosive device was found in the mailbox of liberal billionaire George Soros on Tuesday. Suspicious packages containing suspected explosive devices were headed to the homes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. A fourth was sent to CNN's offices in New York.

The part of the country watching this unfold on cable television is witness to the extraordinary professionalism of the Secret Service and the New York Metropolitan Police Department. Meanwhile, the part of the country watching on Twitter is witness to irresponsible and sometimes vile political speculation which is not worth detailing here or anywhere.

Any time innocent life is in danger, there is only one proper response — prayer.

When an evil man gunned down House Majority Whip Steve Scalise at a baseball field in June 2017, across town his Democratic colleagues turned a concrete dugout into an impromptu chapel by praying for the Republicans. We ought to remember that lesson and follow their example now.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is off to a good start in an interview with Mark Meredith of Nexstar Broadcasting. Never mind that her boss hasn’t been the most civil at times. The Sanders reaction was spot on. “It’s okay to disagree in politics,” she said, “but it’s never okay to take action against another individual.”

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It is a pretty basic lesson, and one that unfortunately bears repeating. After this targeting of politicians and political megadonors and political journalists, hopefully we learn the lesson. It is wrong to threaten someone else and it is wrong to look to score points when others are in danger.