How bad is crime in San Francisco right now?

So bad that city supervisors recently voted to suspend taxes on legal cannabis businesses to make up for all the marijuana thieves are stealing.

“Cannabis businesses, along with many other retailers in San Francisco, are struggling under the weight of out-of-control retail theft,” Supervisor Rafael Mandelman told a local television station. “San Francisco needs to do more to protect these businesses, their employees, and their customers before we hit them with a new tax.”

San Francisco voters first approved the tax on marijuana back in 2018, but since the city elected George Soros-backed District Attorney Chesa Boudin, there has been a spike in homicides and theft. A total of 51 prosecutors have left Boudin’s office since he stopped prosecuting most crimes committed in the city.

According to one marijuana industry estimate, at least $5 million worth of cannabis has been stolen from legal marijuana stores this year.

The pro-cannabis lobby told us for years that legalizing marijuana would be a win-win, with legalized sales both decreasing crime and raising the needed revenue from taxing marijuana sales.

But now, we see that legalizing cannabis hasn’t decreased illegal marijuana sales at all, and with crime rising, the tax revenue isn’t materializing either.

All legalizing marijuana really accomplished is crime-ridden cities that reek of it.